Our Mission

 Our Mission is to delight our customers by creating and distributing only the highest quality of gourmet food and drink products available on this planet. We will further delight our customers by providing an unmeasured level of services and support to all of our business partners, and their partners as well, to ensure your interaction with our products, and our company is a valued experience. By using only the finest, freshest ingredients and placing quality above all other considerations we will produce the world's finest gourmet food and drink products, and establish a new benchmark for all other companies to follow.

- Gerald Metivier 


New World Enterprises


"Our philosophy from the beginning was a simple one. If we produce the highest quality products using only the finest and freshest ingredients, we can change the way the world experiences food". 

- Gerald Metivier


New World Enterprises "Changing the world.......a bite at a time".


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