New World Enterprises Gourmet Food Division has just announced it will begin releasing an array of exciting and delicious new products beginning in January of 2013. New World will be adding to some of their existing product lines, as well as releasing some brand new brands, such as Sugar Mama's Barbecue Sauces, New World Spices, And Red Clover Chocolates, and New World Soup Co, just to name a few.

 Hot on the heels of their success with the RK Drink Mix Brand, New World Gourmet Foods plans to strengthen their marketability by further diversifying it's gourmet food offerings. Now when they say they are going to diversify, they mean it!Not satisfied with merely adding a few new products, New World Gourmet Foods has announced that they plan to grow all existing product lines, while adding five new brands, each with a full product line, and each with a larger product line than all of their current products put together! A whopping 250 brand new products are in the works to be released between January 30th 2013 and December 8th 2014!