Who is New World Enterprises? 

 Our Story

New World Enterprises began in 2003 with the culmination of a dream. The dream of two young entrepreneurs, husband and wife, Gerald and Randi Kay Metivier. They had been making their own salsa and sauces for years, much to the delight of their family, friends, and co-workers who never missed an opportunity to dive into anything they had created.

After years of being prodded, nudged, pushed, and even at times begged to pursue the specialty food industry as a career, Gerald and Randi Kay took the leap. They jumped in with both feet, and never looked back. 

Their Company began as a tiny gourmet salsa company with 3 different flavors of salsa. Not wanting to be lost in the sea of already established, well known store salsas they decided to do something different. Instead of making salsas in varying degrees of heat such as mild (they will never make mild salsa), medium, and hot they opted for different flavored gourmet salsas instead. The results were astounding!

In their vary first year of business their tiny salsa company grew  400%. Soon new flavors were introduced including a line of extra hot gourmet salsa "Howling Coyote". The news of their delicious gourmet salsas with unique bold flavors spread quickly, and the young couple found themselves not only swamped in work, but thrust into a media frenzy, with Entrepreneur Magazine calling. AOL's online reality series "The Start-UP"  featured their story along with 3 other start-up companies from different parts of the United States as a year-long online realty series.

Since then, New World Enterprises has been invited to, and attended many different food shows, and festivals all over the world including Disney's Epcot Food and Wine Festival, and the American Products Showcase at the American Embassy in London England.

These days New World Enterprises has reached way beyond their humble beginnings producing 3 brands of gourmet salsa "Howling Coyote", Michaela's Gourmet" and "Mariah's Specialty". The latter two named after their daughters. 9 different gourmet flavors available in stores all throughout New England and New York. Soon up to 24 different gourmet flavored salsa will be available online! 

The Metivier's weren't content to stop at a thriving salsa business, they now produce an array of different gourmet foods including the RK Drink Mix line ,New World Spices, Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Chocolates, and much more! And as if that wasn't enough, Randi Kay and Gerald opened a commercial kitchen to co-pack for other small to medium sized specialty food companies, with an adjacent Specialty Food and Gift Shop. 


From the beginning their philosophy was simple:

 "If we produce high quality, flavorful products with only the best, and freshest ingredients we can change the way the world experiences food". - Gerald Metivier

New World Enterprises "Changing the world......a bite at a time.


About Us 

New World Enterprises is a diverse gourmet foods company that produces 4 product brands of it's own (with many more in the works), and also co-packs for other high quality gourmet and specialty food companies. They have their own retail space Vermont Food & Gifts, where they sell everything produced in the co-packing kitchen, and have plans to launch three new online retail stores in 2013.

*Gourmet Foods Division

The NWE Gourmet Foods Division produces 3 brands of award winning salsas Michaela's Gourmet, Mariah's Specialty, and the extra extra hot Howling Coyote. A total of 9 different flavors. They also produce the very well received RK Drink Mixes Line, with 3 Flavors of Bloody Mary Mix Classic, Jalapeno Kick, and Pineapple Crush. With over 250 new products set to be released starting in 2013 - 2014.

*Co- Packing Division

The NWE Commercial kitchen is always busy producing some of the highest quality gourmet foods from Vermont and surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality, excellence, and customer service ensures all of our partners the best results possible.

*Retail Division

New World Enterprises Retail Division is comprised of their onsite all-things-Vermont store "Vermont Food & Gifts", and three new online stores (currently in the works), "Vermont Food & Gifts online", "NWE Gourmet Direct", and "Teacup Traders".

Only Fresh Ingredients are used in the making of our products 

Where it all began....... 

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